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A community for founders, small business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, and side hustlers.

About Us

As small business owners, we often feel like we are on an island. Our problems (and there are many) seem unique to us. And the solutions? Well, the internet is full of information, but it’s not always obvious what is good info and what’s useless. 

We realized that one of the things we looked forward to the most about attending Magnolia’s Spring at the Silos and Silobration events was the opportunity to be among our peers. Just having the chance to chat with another creative, to vent about the kind of problems we experience, even if no obvious solution was forthcoming, was cathartic. Inevitably, we came away from those events reinvigorated and ready to not just tackle those pressing issues but to thrive.

We wanted to recreate that feeling, to extend it beyond just a couple of hours snatched between trips to the bathroom and long stints in the booth a few times a year.

For years we’ve wondered, how can we stay connected to this community once we return to our day-to-day struggle of running our business? 

So we started dreaming up a space where we could…




and even…


Why You Should Join Us

We'd love for you to be a part of what we’re creating! 

Inside THE FOUNDERS CLUB, you will find monthly topical zoom calls, monthly zoom Q&As with experts in their field covering various business-related topics, and a monthly in-person Austin regional meeting (for now). And we’re working on interviews with our peers that we will begin rolling out soon!

For less than the cost of two networking coffees a month, joining THE FOUNDERS CLUB today will connect you to the people that understand you and the problems you face to help you move past those problems and stay inspired along the way!

A Big Thanks

We’ve spent years wishing we had a place to meet - after the crowds have gone, after the tents have come down, and after we’ve loaded our trucks and Uhauls, said our goodbyes to new friends, and headed back home from markets. A place separate from Facebook and Instagram. One place where we can all gather, connect, and inspire one another. 

So we decided to create it. 

This community doesn’t exist without you, so we THANK YOU so much for joining us. See you inside!

- Kris & Kelley Denby (Co-Founders of Hemlock & Heather + The Founders Club)

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